Bug in 19.10.41

Hi @lubos just updated to 19.10.41 and on opening Purchase Invoices an unpaid item appeared dated 1 Jan 01 (see screenshot). On looking at the item with Edit, the date shows as being today’s date 2 Nov 2019. A note on the entry indicates that it was made in March 2019. I decided to simply delete the item, but thought I should let you know about it.

@ProDev, you should probably not have deleted the entry. I assure you, Manager did not conjure this purchase invoice by magic. You entered it at some point. The issue is why the dates are different between the tab listing and the Edit screen. Check your supporting documentation for March 2019 to see if CIMAS sent you an invoice. Re-enter it if they did.

I remember a problem from a while back with dates defaulting like this. I did not find that forum topic in a quick search, but I’m going to look more. There may be a reversion bug.

Yes, I realise it was entered sometime in March 2019 and I will recreate it. The concern was over the weird dates 1 Jan 01 and today’s date.

I cannot tell because of your date format whether the date was in the year 0001, 1901, 2001, etc. Which is it? That will help me search for the problem I remember.

Good question - it shows payment as 737,364 days overdue, which would put the date at year 0001.
My date format is d-mmm-yy
But it shows it as 2-Nov-2019 when going into Edit Purchase Invoice.