Budget Vs Actual Report

Dear Sir,

in the Budget Vs Actual Report the percentage of budget used not showing for All lines:


and if we don’t put a date it’s not capture the actual figuers:


The program is working as designed. A hyphen is used throughout Manager when a balance is zero. And when an account has no activity, its percentage of budget is zero.

What else would you expect? Your example captures performance for one day in the year 0001. I doubt you had any transactions more than 2000 years ago.

in the first note the account has activity as budget and actual but still no percentage. look the


second note: I Didn’t mentioned any date why system picking 0001 ? if we don’t put a date I’m expecting to get all activity for this track code.

when I’m entering the budget numbers for Expenses the report shows numbers in minus, now I make the budget numbers in minus (-) it come positive in the report.

now it’s working:

Sorry, I missed that one. Your problem is that expenses must be entered as negative numbers when creating your budget. Read the Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/11069. See the second Note.

That isn’t the way it works. You must define dates or Manager defaults to what you saw.

It’s OK Now … thanks