Breadcrumbs Missing

Just noticed that Breadcrumbs are not showing on ‘GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS’.
Version 18.7.60
No biggy…but.

Yes they do:


Check again…They Don’t!
The initial "Reports’ breadcrumb is missing.
Should be Reports / Tax Reports / GST Calculation Worksheet for BAS.

The country-specific tax reports are unique, in that they are not actually part of the reports list, even though they are displayed as though they were. They originate from a custom-tax-report-list activated when certain tax codes are enabled. Their origin shows as Tax Reports in the breadcrumbs. So technically, the breadcrumbs function correctly.

What rubbish. Even your screenshot proves that it went through the Tax Report page.
As I said, no biggie, but thanks for proving it does. It is the only report on the reports page that you can’t backtrack directly to the Reports page via breadcrumbs.

You are right. My second paragraph was rubbish. That’s what I get for answering questions at midnight. In my sleep-deprived stupor, I got tongue-tied (if you can do that while typing). What I was trying to say was that the path did not go through a page for the category heading Tax Reports on the Reports page. It jumped straight to the custom-tax-report-list form, which displays as Tax Reports.

Compare this to the Profit and Loss Statement. In that case, Profit and Loss Statement is a default element of the reports page. The path to a specific report goes from reports through the profit-and-loss-statement-list, which displays as Profit and Loss Statement, then to the profit-and-loss-statement-view form, which displays in the breadcrumbs as the name of the report.

So I’ve deleted that original second paragraph. Hopefully, my explanation in this post is clearer. I realize it may not be. Regardless, the breadcrumbs are working as designed. They just look a little different for the country-specific tax worksheets because of the way they are implemented.

Breadcrumbs are, to use @lubos description,

I am saying that the Report breadcrumb is missing in this instance and that maybe the “developer” would be interested in that fact.