Standard report Breadcrumb incorrect

Minor bug:

Report breadcrumb displays incorrect dates on drilldown in report after original report parameters are changed on standard reports.

If new report is created the breadcrumb displays correctly when drilling down on an amount in the report, but if the report is edited and the date is changed the drilldown displays the original date in the breadcrumb.
Balance sheet report created with date 31/07/2019 displays:
Change the date to 31/08/2019 and it displays the exact same thing.

I have tested P&L report and Receipts and Payments Summary report and these also exhibit the same behaviour. I have not tested other reports at this stage.

Breadcrumbs do not show anything about current content of the database. They are a record of the pages you navigated through to get to one you are on. They are a browser history.

Thanks @Tut. You are correct, the correct information is displayed when I close the database and then restart it.

You do not need even to restart it. You only need to navigate to another tab and then return.