Print button doesn't work

The print button seems to have stopped working.
I tried using PDF button and it works. I also, tried using the browser’s print button and it works fine but manager’s print button isn’t working.

I am using cloud version using Microsoft Edge, Windows 10.

I cannot reproduce your problem. I use Windows 10 and Edge.

me neither - same Windows 10 and Edge

Not an issue on a Mac.

I am using the cloud version as well and I’m having problems with my print button not working…sporadically. It’ll work for a few hours and stop. The only work around I’ve found is by using the PDF button or exit out of Manager and sign back in. However, it will only work temporarily, then the print button stops working again.

While it is not difficult to use the PDF/browser print buttons or exiting/signing back into Manager, it is odd that it is not a “constant” issue and is a little bothersome. Hoping that it is a bug that can be found and fixed.

Computer Specs.pdf (65.4 KB)

Print button not working must be a bug in web-browser, not in Manager. That’s why restarting web-browser solves the issue.

The reason I’m confident it’s not Manager issue is because print button simply calls window.print() which is web-browser function.

I figured it must be something to do with that particular computer because nobody else complained.