Blank report template

Manager provides a lot of nice reports and offers to print or export them. Print is very useful when the report contains exactly the data you want in the presentation you need, which is a lot of the time. Export is awesome, as it allows the data to be tweaked, filtered and reordered to your heart’s content. However, I can’t print my altered report data as if it had been a Manager report. What would be nice is if Manager provided a blank report template with the basic report presentation structure, business name, date, etc, (all the stuff that doesn’t change) as a pdf, or some such format available from say the Settings tab. Then I could take a copy of the file and paste whatever data I like into the blank space and print it. This would enable me, and others like me, to achieve presentationally consistent printouts whether or not printed directly from Manager.

If you look at the more than 40 built-in reports, you will see that there is almost nothing that does not change, as each report has need of different header material. You are probably better off, if you are looking for report consistency, to copy the most similar report to the clipboard, paste into a spreadsheet, then modify to accommodate whatever you are trying to report on. You would only need to do this once, then save that spreadsheet as a template for future versions of the same report.

Thanks :grinning: I wasn’t aware that Copy to Clipboard allowed me copy the header material, I’ve always used Export.