Billable time question

First of all, I’d like to give a thanks to the one who is responsible for this great software. I was in a position that I had to get away from the paper method and found Manager by accident after looking for info on Quickbooks.

A little about myself, I own and operate a small engine power equipment repair shop. Some jobs such as a belt replacement, blade replacement, and saw chain sharpening, I charge a flat rate for the cost of these kinds of jobs. Under the Billable time option, I would love to be able to have it show labor or have the option to be able to add a title of the particular job rather than have it all combined. I currently use the Description column to add a detailed description of what was done. Is there a way I can do this without having to add my flat rate fee under sales or inventory so that it doesn’t throw my figures out of proportion. Any help would be great. Thanks.

I did a screenshot example of what I was referring to. Notice in the Item column, the part number show for the items used but beside the labor jobs it is blank. Would love to have it show as labor in the Item column. Would even be better if were able to give each labor job a name such as Engine Replacement, Belt Replacement, or Saw Chain Sharpen.

Hopefully you will get a better understanding of what I was trying to explain.

Check the latest version (15.7.1)

You can create dummy sales invoice item called “Labor” without filling out any description or amount.

When you edit an invoice, you can select “Labor” item for all line items which contain billable time. Selecting “Labor” item won’t clear your account, description, amount etc.

This way when you view the invoice, you will have item name on all line items.

Thanks Lubos!!! I had the latest version already (downloaded last saturday). I did what you said and it works perfectly. Thank’s again and great job on this software.