Billable Time module - New Status request

@lubos, in the Billable Time module is it possible to add a status “Not billed” ?

Use case:
I have a time registration app and export all hours into the Billable Time module in Manager. Some hours are billed and some are not, and the Written-off status does not seem suitable for the hours which are not billed as the Written-off status is used for Billable hours. The reason all hours are imported into Manager is because it is simpler and Manager seems like a safe storage of hours historically and also for the non-billed hours which are used in calculation in the Payslip module.


This feature has been in the program since billable time was first introduced. The terminology used is uninvoiced rather than not billed.

If you add hours via Batch Create that have already been billed, they cannot be considered billable. There are hard coded features for billable time built into the program. You are bypassing those with unexpected consequences.