Uninvoice column only works with Billable time NOT Sales Orders

Updated to latest Manager a few weeks back. Lots of good updates.

Problem is - New Uninvoiced Column shows uninvoiced bills for billable time. But it does NOT show invoices for Sales Orders. So e.g. if you create a Sales Order, it won’t show if you have not created an invoice.

This is difficult if you create Sales Order, which need various Invoices. E.g. Product (invoice 1), Installation (invoice 2), Payment After Installation (invoice 3). Etc etc.

A sales order is an internal document. It might be used to notify production to manufacture something or warehousing to prepare something for shipping. But it has no impact whatever on financials. If it is converted to a sales invoice, then it will. Meanwhile, you might get a cancellation or some other event might occur so that a sales order is never invoiced. Some accountants might not consider a sales order an accounting transaction at all.

Billable time, on the other hand, is an actual asset. Work has been performed for which compensation is or will be due in accordance with some agreement or understanding. It awaits only issuance of a corresponding sales invoice to become an account receivable. That is why billable time shows up in income.

By the way, if you updated a few weeks ago, you are already out of date. Check the Changelog at http://changelog.manager.io.

Thanks Tut, it’s a good feature. Just wish it was available for sales orders, simply because I always think billable time better for charged by hour services, not items from inventory. I suppose I could do both billable time + billable expenses but it may get a bit confusing and confuse inventory etc.

Billable expenses will not work for inventory. That module is meant for things you purchase on behalf of a customer and bill directly, such as reimbursable travel expenses, repair parts, etc. Inventory, of course, is for goods you hold for sale or production.

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