Billable time hours show differently on sales invoices

I have entered my billable time in hours and minutes and it calculates the correct rate based on my hourly rate.

However, when I convert the billable time to a sales invoice it lists the ‘time spent’ column as ‘hours’ but does not show the correct amount of time spent. For example, I entered 0.20 minutes on the billable time screen and this same entry shows as 0.33 hours on the invoice.

The monetary calculation is correct but, to the customer, it looks like I have done 33 minutes of work instead of 20 minutes work. Is there any way of changing this please?

Thank you

No. The figure is shown as the decimal equivalent.

This topic has been discussed previously on this forum. Search for it.


You do mean 20 minutes, not 0.20 minutes, right? If 0.20 minutes is indeed getting converted to 0.33 hours, then you’ve got a bug to report.

If you’re using the built-in invoice form, the top of the column will say “Hours” if the invoice contains only time entries. If the invoice contains both time and non-time entries, then each time entry will include the word “Hours” with the quantity. If you’re using a custom template, then you should change the column heading to “Hours” or add the word “Hours” next to each quantity.

If that’s too subtle for your customer, then you might add something in the Notes section that says “All time entries are quoted in hours and fractional hours.” If that’s still too subtle, you can add “e.g. 0.5 hrs = 30 min, 0.33 hrs = 20 min.”

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