Question about billable time

Hello I had a question about billable time.

When i insert billable time like for example 50 minutes. Then on the invoice it says under number/amount (don’t know if this is called so in english but in dutch it is aantal) 0,83. At unit price it displays the price i gave in when i inserted billable time.

My question is if it is possible to change the collumn name which says numbers/amount to Hours and also change the input which the program puts in that column to hours. Like for example in my case 0:50 and if for example you fill in 1 and a half hour it says in that column 1:30.

Now it’s difficult to read/understand for my customers because 50 minutes like in my example it converts that to 0,83.

Hope someone can help me with that.


You cannot alter the decimal format for hours. 50 minutes will always show as .83 hours. The time entry should be labeled on the individual line as hours. You might also be invoicing other things, like travel costs, that are not calculated in hours, so the column heading must accommodate that. Therefore, the default column heading is Quantity (or equivalent in your language).