Billable Expenses Summary


Can someone please explain what the non-editable transactions are in the Summary - Billable Expenses view (see attached image). I get this this view by going to Summary then clicking on the balance amount associated with “Billable Expenses” under assets.

Some experimentation has shown that this appears to be because in the Billable Expenses module, I have indicated that particular items have been invoiced against the given invoice (#694 in this case).

Does this line mean that I have marked too many items as invoiced on #694 or possibly too few and this is a balancing item?

Version: 18.11.58 (OSX El Capitan 10.11.6)

That is exactly why it appears. The question is, why did you do that? Billable expenses should be invoiced from the Customers tab as described in this Guide: Invoice billable expenses | Manager. Think of the status box for an expense listed in the Billable Expenses tab as really only being there for resolving problems—problems that will never occur if you invoice properly. When you proactively change the status, you are forcing the program to regard the expense as having been invoiced. But you aren’t actually adding the expense to the invoice selected, because you cannot add billable expenses to existing invoices.

Billable Expenses work differently from everything else in Manager. They are the only transaction type you cannot initiate in the tab of the same name. This is related to the way billable expenses are passed through to customers without appearing on your profit and loss statement.

Got it. I’m taking over from the previous book keeper who didn’t use the invoice billable expenses from the customer tab.

The “balancing” transactions are transfers to “Billable Expenses - Mark up” (in the event of invoicing more than the expenses) or “Billable Expenses - Unrecoverable” (in the event of the expenses being more than the invoice).

I don’t understand what you mean by balancing transactions.

The markup and unrecoverable accounts should not be used for any transaction you enter. The program posts to them automatically when necessary.