Belgium VAT reporting per client

Hi all,
How can I get a VAT report per client? In belgium we have to send in a rapport that amount VAT per client.
Client VAT nr, Sells amount, VAT amount
How can i create this kind of rapport?

can anyone help me out?

The customer list is a list of the Belgian VAT numbers of your customers to whom your company has supplied goods or services during the previous calendar year and those for a total amount of more than 250 euros (excluding VAT). Your customers who only carry out exempt transactions (Article 44 of the VAT Code) and who nevertheless have an BE number should not be included in the list.
This list contains the total amount of supplies and services for each customer and the total amount of VAT charged.

Unfortunately there is no standard report that gives the information as required by the Belgian Tax Administration. At this moment you also don’t have access to all data-elements to create a custom report representing the required data. Hopefully Lubos will create in due course a possibility to access all data for custom-reports.

I had the idea that there should be a possibility to create the report you want.
The screenshot below is what I managed to get out of Manager and I hope it is in line with what you need.
You have to play around with this custom report to see if it is exactly what you need. In the Netherlands we don’t have to report the information as required by the Belgian Tax Administration. The VAT registrationnumber is not in the standard dataset of Manager so you have to add that as a data-element yourself by using creating this as a custom-code (eigen veld) at Customers (Debiteuren Klanten). Read to guides how you can create such codes in case you don’t know how to create these codes.

Lots of success.

ok great, this will work for now. i can always add the registration number by hand. I do hope we can get a update for this later. :wink: