VAT annual summary

I am looking to create a custom report to have a statement of all my VAT payment to the tax authorities for a financial year broken down per tax period.
There should basically just be 2 entries per tax period… The total VAT owed and the payment to the authorities.
I have tried to create a custom report but I cannot seem to get it right.

Any help to point my in the right direction as to what I need to select would be appreciated. I have attached at screenshot of what my tax authority sends me, but I would like an additional one from Manager if possible.

To get that information I use a combination of

  • historical VAT reports from Manager
  • VAT report in Manager for a period of the financial year.
  • drill down on Managers summary page of the VAT account (which shows the running balance)
  • balance sheet report with multiple comparisons dates

See Forum rules FAQ - Manager Forum it clearly states [emphasis added]:

If your question is related to custom themes or custom reports, always post the code or report definition you have developed and the results it produces. Do not simply post a picture of something you want and ask other users to tell you how to achieve it.

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@Patch, thank you for the info. All a bit Greek to me. Not an accountant, but I will have a look.

@eko, my apologies. I will post more screenshots of what I get when I try various options.

I do not believe you will be able to create the custom report you want. Custom reports deal with individual postings to the general ledger. Your example deals only with totals. Additionally, you have columns for breakdowns that do not exist in Manager’s tax scheme (Penalty and Interest), but would need to be separately accounted for. (I am not saying Manager cannot record them, only that they are unassociated with the tax scheme.) Then you want processed results (Account balance) of everything on a line, which custom reports do not offer.

Sometimes, we must accept that our desires for specialized presentations of accounting data require work outside Manager. In my experience, this is always so.

I don’t think you need that report since the report will be the same as the one provided by the tax office in your taxpayer portal.

Many thanks for the reply. I completely understand what you mean. Manager is a fantastic program with an abundance of features. This report is something I can live without.

@ZAFMike, why not use the built-in Tax Reconciliation report?

It details the movements in the tax account. There’s a total for New tax liability which correspond to “Return” in your tax statement, there’s also a separate line for Payments and another for Other movements which includes any penalties.

The layout may be a bit different from the statements you get from your tax authorities but the content is more or less the same.

Please give it a try and tell me if it solves your problem.

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@Ealfardan, this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much for this!! It just shows you that sometimes you have to RTFS (Read The Freaking Screen).
The comparative columns is what was missing.

Again, thank you very much.

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You’re welcome.