Before diving in

Maybe put this in your review topic

I have a little business which requires a new accounting system.

I have paranoia, yes middle aged burnt fingers, am I locked in? Can I get all the information stored out using a standard csv file without dozens of blank columns?

What is the Database used can I experiment with the desktop version , but move onto the server version to use Manager long term?

The second reason for asking about the Database used, I use Nextcloud to mirror files across my home office and my workshop for security, will there be any problems? I use it for customer info and the back up system comes as a bonus.

Doing a study I noticed a way out of most typo’s. A few systems I have checked have no way of sorting these out. Once an Invoice or any file for that matter, is made you are onto the paperwork gravy train.

I’m not perfect so I need an imperfect or very perfect system to deal with me and my little growing business. I hope I haven’t offended anyone by asking these very basic questions.

It would be appropriate to give this topic a better title that other users can easily discover through the search tool and benefit from. so instead of Before diving in why not something like Data base and throw in all you have.

Yes you can switch between them easily. I don’t know about the data base type though.

I don’t think there will be problems, someone will come and explain later (hopefully).

No system is perfect learn the system very well and always feed it with the right data.

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