Batch Update in Dropdowns

I would like a way to pass lists from a spreadsheet to the dropdowns so I don’t have to load the data one by one when migrating the data to the program (some kind of batch update for the dropdowns)

What dropdowns are you referring to? And why would the list options be available in a spreadsheet?

I am referring to the dropdowns of the attached image, for example inventor kits, sales orders, production orders, etc.

If there is the possibility of being able to enter them in batch as an attachment in the second image

What you ask for specifically is not feasible. Nor would it make sense. The dropdown menus for inventory items, whether you are defining inventory kits, entering production orders, buying or selling products, is taken automatically from the list of defined inventory items in the Inventory Items tab. You do not create or add to that list while entering a transaction on which such a field is available. However, you can use Batch Create to add more inventory items in the Inventory Items tab.

You can also use Batch Create for entry of all the transaction types I mentioned above. When you do that, you can include multiple inventory items in your spreadsheet. For example, when defining an inventory kit, you include the multiple inventory items in the cell for BillOfMaterials.InventoryItem. Each inventory item goes on a separate line within the cell, separated by hard returns. Of course, you must know the UUIDs for the inventory items you wish to include.

In my opinion, the effort would not be worth it for one-time creation of an inventory kit because of the extra work looking up the UUIDs.