Batch update for folders


Is it possible to create the batch update function for folders?
I would be really glad with this possibility.

What would be the point? The only thing involved in defining a folder is the description (which functions as a title). What would you be updating? And if you want to change the name of the folder, it would be faster to simply edit it than go through the copy-paste-edit-copy-paste sequence of a batch update.

The point is, I want to create one folder containing hundreds of items with hyperlinks in custom fields directing to files on my harddrive.
I know there is the possibility of the attachments, but I want to do it this way. And then it is much easier to first create an Excel sheet and then to batch update.

Update of my reply:
I meant that I want to create hundreds of folders containing items with hyperlinks and so on (see above).
Thanks in advance!

That sounds a bit weird to me but I am sure you have an idea of how it would work.

How would the user find the folder he wanted?

Easily, with the search bar

You seem to be missing some important points, @Nanda_van_der_Ven:

  • You could not create new folders with Batch Update. To create new entries of any type, you must use Batch Create. See Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager for general background on batch operations.
  • Creating folders in a batch would not allow you to put attachments or any other type of content into them. It would only create the folders themselves. As I wrote earlier, the only defined parameter for a folder is its description. And since you would have to create the spreadsheet list to paste into a batch creation process, why not just define the new folders within Manager?
  • You cannot create custom fields for attachments in Manager. You can only create them for forms that are part of the program. See Use custom fields | Manager. Attachments are external files, like spreadsheets, scans, or word-processing documents. See Attach supporting documentation | Manager.
  • Manager’s Search function searches what is visible on screen, not contents of listed forms, and certainly not contents of attachments within folders. See Search for records | Manager.

Overall, understand that Manager’s folders are not a substitute for your operating system’s filing system on your drive. They are an extension of a feature meant to allow attaching supporting documentation to transaction forms. Folders provide a pseudo-transaction where you can attach files that are not strictly associated with another, single transaction form.

If you are really trying to include hyperlinks in custom fields on transaction forms that will link to other information on your drive, folders are not the way to do that.

The image shows what I want to create.
When I have hundreds of items like this way and for example I want to move all of my files on my harddrive to another directory for any reason, I have to customize all of the hyperlinks.
The easiest way to do so is to paste into an Excel sheet, search and replace the correct hyperlinks and batch update into Manager.

Of course, you are entitled to your own workflow. But what is the point of having a folder with a custom field containing a hyperlink to a PDF of sales invoice that you created and stored elsewhere on your computer? The Sales Invoices tab lists all sales invoices, with their reference numbers, customers, descriptions, amounts, balances due, and statuses. And all of that is searchable and sortable. Any sales invoice can be recovered directly with one click after entering the Sales Invoices tab. If you need a PDF of it at that point, generate it then.

If you are worried about losing access to the invoices, that is what backups are for. Back up the business multiple times per day, if you want.

Ok, thanx anyway for the great program.
I love Manager really much.

Batch update can put the same things in a field as you can do manually including hyperlinks.

I suspect the custom fields you want will be in transactions in Manager rather than Managers folder tab. You would then do a batch update in the invoice tab or Payment/ receipt tab.

I don’t know why @Nanda_van_der_Ven wants it but

  • Storing the documents outside Manager decreases Managers data file size.

  • Dynamic documents can change with updates elsewhere in Manager, having static copies of important documents sent out can be useful.