Batch payment of invoices

First I’d like to thank the developer for creating this program

I have a small car repair workshop and have been using Quickbooks for almost 15 years and currently using 2003 basic which is now getting a bit outdated, apart from that I want to move my business over to Linux so I’m looking for an alternative accounting program as Quickbooks is not available for Linux

I’ve been trying out Manager to see if it can meet my needs and I’ve come across a few stumbling blocks some of which could be my understanding of how Manager works

the main problem is this

I have a weekly account with a local parts supplier who will deliver parts as I need them each part is delivered with it’s own invoice which I input into the computer, at the end of the week I could have a list of maybe 20 to 30 invoices from that one supplier, to pay these invoices in Quickbooks I would simply select “Pay Bills” and a list of all unpaid bills would show up and then i click the checkbox beside each invoice I want to pay and Quickbooks keeps a running total, so I can pay as many or as little invoices as I choose, I then select what bank account to pay it with and put in the cheque number the I issue a cheque along with a remittance showing what invoices are being paid

Is there any way this or a similar method be used in Manager?

Yes, just use Supplier credits account when allocating payment to supplier.

See: Guides | Manager

By assigning amount paid to Supplier credits account, Manager will automatically match the credit with outstanding invoices.

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Thanks for your reply

sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to this but your reply doesn’t really address my problem paying batch invoices that way means I can only pay a fixed amount to that supplier which means it will pay what it can then when it can’t pay any more fully it will take the balance left off some other invoice leaving that invoice part paid which is messy.

Is it not possible to simply list all outstanding invoices and a check off each invoice one at a time keeping a running total so I would know exactly what invoices I’m paying as i select them then select what account to pay then with

Also is it possible to issue a remittance listing all the invoices paid instead of just a total amount

You can allocate the payment to specific invoices by using Accounts payable account instead of Supplier credits.

But there is no interface which will tell you which invoices are outstanding. Perhaps in future. For now, you will have to work it out using Purchase Invoices tab.

If you match payment to supplier against specific purchase invoices manually, remittance advice will list individual invoices.