Batch delete search does not work in Date field

I made wrong import and need to delete transactions from 2016:

In search field I enter year, but search does not give me result I expect from it:

Apparently it does not even look in date field - is that bug or such is the search functionality in Batch Delete?

well the search function shows the dates on sales and purchase invoice tabs. i am not sure about its functionality when using batch delete.

even if the search function returned the date, it would still cause problems since you have the year typed in other fields also.
the best method would be to sort by the date by clicking the heading and then deleting the entries.

or you could try searching 2016- instead of just 2016 (just a thought i have not tried).

I had that discussion with someone else before, so I am not going into. My question was about the omitted dates search in date field - is that a bug or is Batch Delete function limitation?

If it is bug, it is likely it will be fixed soon, if not, then Batch delete function is very limited and I will not be relying on it anymore.

You cannot sort a Batch Delete list.

To me, this seems like a bug. For an occasional, small mistake, this is not likely to cause problems. But the entire point of batch operations is to handle big data sets, where finding the errant transactions could require a range of tools. I am putting this topic into the Bugs category.

ok, thanks

This is not a bug. The list is sorted by date so you can technically navigate to the page which contains transactions from 2016 and then work your way from there.

However, I do agree Batch delete needs to be improved. There is some ongoing work to improve all batch create, batch update and batch delete operations across all tabs in generic way and once that is done, this issue will go away on its own.

So for now, I’m going to move this into ideas category and I will update this topic when there is new batch delete screen.

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Batch delete has been rewritten and now you can search by date too. See: