Append static content to views using "Footers"

@lubos Thanks,

Awesome. Thank you for this addition in standard theme.

We built custom themes for our sales invoice and payslips, to print footers. Now we can stop using atleast one custom theme.

Looking forward to having footer option on all output documents.

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Dear @lubos Thanks for this functionality.

My Question is, Will it also support Liquid Variables inside the footers Content?

In my case i was using Custom themes to get the Balance payable using Variables and generate the Dynamic UPI Payment QR code and was getting displayed in footer session.

Please try and let us know.

I tried HTML works Liquid Variables not working, codes are getting displayed.

Here’s my output. Everything in same footer

Well, @hmdaadil, you have your answer. It was what I suspected, but did not know. Although similar in some ways, Liquid is not HTML.

@hmdaadil mind the topic title. It clearly says:

Append static content to views using “Footers”

Static means that the content you put in there doesn’t change in response to variables. What you’re trying to do is to get dynamic content and that’s not possible.

I have also tried it on a custom theme but the footer details are not showing.

is it possible to make repeatable footer to get business address for example and page number but to be in fixed position in the bottom of every page same as letter head regardless the content size

That is not currently possible.

I have just noticed a subtle difference between using custom fields verses the new footer to add “static content”.

Using Custom fields the content is entered via the transaction edit screen and remains the same unless edited.

Using footers, if the footer static content is changed, that change will reflect in all past transactions that have that footer selected.

So, for example, if you change banks and you don’t want the bank details changed in existing completed transactions then the existing footer for bank details will need to be made inactive and a new footer created for the new bank details.


Yes, @AJD, in that way footers are just like tax codes or business details.

Will this happen eventually with Headers, would love to do away with my custom theme but as I said I like my logo to go right across and fill up whole header in the back ground

@Wornout everything that you can do using custom themes will be possible doing through footers eventually.

@Lubos I wonder how applying colour and changing fonts to the tables can be done through footers. Maybe I misunderstand the term footer in the context of Manager. Many of us already indicated in another post what we use custom themes for.

The frustration at the moment is that we are deprived from new functionality when creating and using a new theme because the hidden default theme has much more code that can not be accessed. So at the moment we are in limboland and use our custom themes. These distinguishes us with our suppliers and customers. The house style of each of our businesses is unique to them and at the moment we use their current custom themes while fearing that some functionality such as footers can not be used.

So, I would appeal that in the absence of footers that can do the magic that for the time being the code used in the hidden default theme can be copied to create a new theme that we can customize to meet our businesses needs. Like letterheads and business cards please note that receipts, invoices, etc are an important part of corporate identity.


So I can also access the header through the footer ? thats strange

@Wornout, the critical word was eventually.

I tried adding Footers to sales invoices using Batch Update but can only manage to check (tick) the footer box.

Is it possible to select footers (one or more), that you wish to appear on documents, using Batch update and Batch create?


It is not possible at the moment to do the batch update. You can keep an eye on the topic as Manager is being constantly being updated.

Thankyou @Panashe_Mlambo, I will await for further updates to this aspect of the program.