Batch Create inventory items

I have been trying to upload pricelists on Manager for 2 weeks now. It only uploads one item.

I have clicked on [Batch Create], copied the columns to a clipboard, I was not sure in which columns everything should go. So I requested help from
I followed the instructions as it was emailed to me by John, but still every time I click on the create button it only uploads 1 item.

Can someone please assist. I know I might be doing something wrong from my side, but if that is the case, can someone just assist me to correct my mistake?
I have sent the pricelist and examples of how I did it. I even tried uploading a different and much simpler pricelist where the code is separate from the items, but it also only pulls through 1 item. What can I be doing wrong? Please assist ASAP

John? I didn’t know that email address existed. Weird as AFAIK this forum is the only source of support together with the Guides.

You can either ask him again or publish the steps he indicated you so all of us could help thinking about a solution.

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@Marcus1988, have you read the Guide: Use Batch Create and Batch Update functions | Manager?

What do you mean by “pricelists?” That term does not mean anything in Manager except for one report, the Inventory Price List. Inventory items are individually defined, with unit prices for sales and purchases being two of the various autofill options available. You cannot upload reports or use Batch Create to generate them. Reports are derived from other data you have entered.

Where did you send these things? If you want help, you should upload screen shots of relevant Edit screens and example spreadsheets here.

Again, what do you mean by this?

@Tut @Marcus1988 was provided with a link to the Batch update guide the first time. It is very hard to help someone if the guides are not enough. Users who find the guides insufficient usually lack other technical skills needed to successfully do certain operations or simply don’t study the guide well. For example, many ignore the importance of UUIDs when doing a batch update and confuse batch update operations with batch creation.

@Marcus1988 I have sent a Test business to you where I successfully created a batch update with the excel sheet you sent (the first 50 items). Carefully study it and try your hands in a dummy business.

@Abeiku, I’m not sure what you are referring to by “the first time.” The only link to the batch operations Guide in this thread is the one I furnished. Did he perhaps communicate with you by private message? If so, it would be helpful if you would append those posts to this topic. I fully concur with your other comments. They point to why the developer has promised to upgrade the entire batch operations process.

@Marcus1988, if you communicate privately with a moderator, you cannot expect to meaningfully continue the conversation on the public forum without duplicating the information already provided. This is exactly why seeking answers to technical questions about the program via private messaging is strongly discouraged. That limits the range of potentially helpful responses to those from a single person. Private messages should be reserved for truly private communications.

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@Marcus1988 sent an email to

That may be true, but the rest of us on the forum are completely in the dark. As @Mark observed, that has never been an advertised source of technical assistance. I did not even know that email address existed. Who receives or monitors email sent to it?