Barcode Creation

I installed Manager in a business that creates products.
They want a button that they can use when they create a new products entry.

This button will automatically increment the barcode number by one by finding the next available barcode number, and concatenate the calculatable check digit in the end, then add it to a text field named Barcode.

We have somewhere a function called check_digit_finder that will utilize the instructions bellow.
barcode_number = next_available_barcode(last_used_barcode)
// barcode_number = next_available_barcode(425170509999)
// barcode_number = 425170510000

check_digit = check_digit_finder(barcode_number)
// 7 = check_digit_finder(425170510000)

complete_barcode_number = int(str(barcode_number) + str(check_digit))
// 4251705100007 = int(str(425170510000) + str(7))

The way the last digit is calculated is this.

We could ofcourse use the online

But something embedded in Manager you can enable or disable would be nice.

Some more information about the barcode numbering system.

I would think it is highly unlikely that will happen

Care to elaborate?

Manager is an accounting package and although I have no inside knowledge of future developments, the addition of the kind of function you are proposing would seem to be outside the scope of an accounting package.

Of course, if the API’s which have been mentioned then they way is open for third party add-ons to be developed, so perhaps this is the way forward