Bank Rule (after import) ---> Inter Account Transfer?

I’ve imported year of bank statements which show numerous deposits from my POS provider(s) and I would like to be able to create a bank rule that would allocate those as Inter Account Transfers but see no way to do so. The individual POS transactions have already been allocated to the correct sales account, so this really is a mere inter account transfer since the POS account has already been setup/imported as a “bank” account which reflects those individual sales.
I’m a little stuck here, and would rather not have to do this manually, as these deposits are frequent/numerous. Come to think of it, the same hurdle exists with a business credit card account, which likewise has been set up as a “bank account”, but whose monthly balance is paid off from my main (actual) bank account!

Thank you.

You have three distinct issues here:

  1. You cannot create bank rules for inter account transfers because you are importing transactions only for one account. An inter account transfer in Manager is really two transactions, a withdrawal and a deposit. From the imported statement you get only one or the other.

  2. Your POS deposits are not transfers. They are receipts, that is, money coming into the business.

  3. Paying a credit card from another bank account is a valid use of an inter account transfer, because that is exactly what you are doing. You are transferring money from one bank account to another.

Okay, then is there a way to do a bulk delete of all the deposits that my POS made into my bank account, now that I’ve imported them?
I’ve already recorded the POS deposits as, like you say, receipts, but that was a separate import directly from my POS provider. I’m now stuck with all deposits that provider made into my bank account, which I believe should correctly be registered as inter account transfers, but there’s no way to do that expediently.

What do I need to do now, “hack” into the back end of the DB and execute a bunch of deletions?
(I’m kidding…mostly…)

I would think this a fairly common task for people to encounter. It looks as though I won’t be able to import my bank statements henceforth, given this problem.

Now I’m thinking that perhaps I could create some kind of account in my Chart that I COULD use for a bank rule to mark all the POS bank deposits en mass as, and then deal with them (even delete them?) from there. Might that work?

Basically, (to re-cap) after importing the transactions directly from my POS provider, they were recorded as sales receipts, but now that the transfers from the POS into my bank account for those same sales have also been imported, there appears to be a redundancy.

The credit card payments are easier to deal with, since they’re much less numerous.

A few points:

  1. Enter bank transactions manually or by import, but not both. This is explicitly addressed in the Caution statement in this Guide: Import bank statements | Manager.

  2. You can easily make batch deletions. See Use the Batch Delete function | Manager.

  3. You did not initially say anything having set up POS providers as bank accounts, although looking back it appears you might have. If you did, then balance transfers could be handled as inter account transfers. But you still can’t handle them via bank rules. And it seems more expeditious to handle them just as receipts. In other words, the first time they appear in your records would be when you import your regular bank statement. That decision would depend on how frequently they come as well as what they are for. If they are sent over regularly and frequently, I would personally do without POS bank accounts, just importing the receipts that come into your bank account. Keeping up with inventory would also factor into the decision.

Okay, this is what I did, and THANK you, Tut, for the pointer to the batch deletion help page:
I enacted a synthesis of my own above suggestion with the batch deletion approach. That deletion option wasn’t available on the list of imported transactions (in Suspense), so I went ahead and temporarily created a POS income account, to which I was easily able to create a Bank Rule for all those imported transactions to transfer to, and then, upon opening that “POS” account, I was now able to use the batch delete.

I guess in the future, since I want to keep importing all the POS xactions from its provider, since it has all the details which I need to directly create a receipt (client name, etc) , I will have to delete the corresponding deposits from my bank statement BEFORE importing it (massage the qxf/csv data beforehand), or perhaps I will use the same approach as i just did, now that I know it “works”.

A little “kludgey”, I know…

@Metalsmith - you can setup bank rules for “inter-account transfers”, it just requires the use of a clearing account - read this topic:

Furthermore @Metalsmith, there is a specific GUIDE which covers the use of “clearing accounts”

Thank you–useful information!