Bank Reconciliation Statements

While I appreciate a Bank Reconciliation Statement, I am finding hard to understand why the actually Bank Reconciliation icon has been removed from the bank. My Bank Reconciliation are done by the book keeper and it is good that I can go to reports and get a recon statement. However, now the icon at the bank has been removed and now one has to go reports to reconcile the accounts. This means that I have to give access to all the confidential information/reports about the business financial status to the reconciling staff member as there is no way to single Bank Reconciliation in the reports using Customise function. Can we have the icon back while keeping the Bank Reconciliation Statement on the reports for recording please.

I have never used the Server version before, but I believe you can control the reports that a user may have access to.

You can specify which specific reports user can access. Check this guide, especially the “Restricted users” section.

I have a user created with restricted access and such access excludes reports. So now, reports function does not separate the subfuctions such that a person can see bank recon statement but not the profit and loss reports. Or am I missing something there?

1 Simply include reports for the user, all the reports will be displayed
2 Check or select which of the Reports the user can access.


Got it, thank you so much for always being so efficient.

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