[16.3.59] Added "Bank Reconciliation Statement" report

Until now, there was no report to explain difference between balance as per bank statement and balance as per balance sheet. Even if bank account is reconciled, due to uncleared deposits and uncleared payments, the balances between bank statement and what Manager shows could be different. New “Bank Reconciliation Statement” explains the difference as at specific date.

In future, bank reconciliation statement will probably play much bigger role. Right now, bank reconciliation workflow is done from “Bank Accounts” tab in rather unintuitive way. In future versions, bank reconciliation workflow could be started from bank reconciliation statement itself.


This will be very useful for my next year’s accounting. One thing that my accountant said that I need to do is reconcile my Manager Bank Account with my actual bank account in the sense that if I deposit five cheques, I should receive one amount in Manager Bank Account which will cover those five incoices instead of having five amounts in Manager and one amount on the bank statement. So this will be very helpful for my next years accounting.

Excellent and getting closer to eliminate Q & M accounting software monopoly.

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They can’t have much of a monopoly as I have never heard of Q & M Accounting unless you mean Quickbooks and some accounting program with an M?

i can only say thank you

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Thanks Lubos is just what I have been looking for!

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