Attachments to bank reconciliation statements

@lubos would it be possible to attach files to the bank reconciliation statement?

we usually reconcile monthly or quarterly and it would be useful if we can attach the bank statement for the period.

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@sharpdrivetek, attachments can only be attached to transaction forms. The reconciliation statement is a report, generated in real time whenever you view it from stored parameters and data. So there is effectively nothing to attach a file to.

but the bank reconciliation report do not overwrite when new reconciliation reports are created. in that case these are records of previous dates and i believe it would be possible to provide attachments. it would help cross-reference with the actual bank statement if there is a need in future.

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I agree that bank reconciliations are no longer just reports. They contain material information such as balance as per bank statement so the case can be made that source of the information should be attached.

But this should be a new topic. Nothing to do with original post.


I moved it and put it into ideas.

The latest version (19.10.37) is moving bank reconciliations out of Bank Accounts tab into its own Bank Reconciliations tab.


You can also attach bank statements or other documents to bank reconciliation entries now.

I realized reconciliation status under Bank Accounts tab is not that useful. First of all, it doesn’t encourage people to actually do bank reconciliation as bank account can be unreconciled for long time and status would still show as Reconciled because that’s the result of last reconciliation no matter how old.

Also, I’m thinking in the future Bank Reconciliations tab will eventually evolve into just Reconciliations so it will be possible to reconcile any type of account (e.g. suppliers, special accounts, tax accounts) not just bank accounts.


it is great idea to have reconciliation for Suppliers, Customers and other Account. it is possible to consider a balance confirmation statement in reconciliation especially for Suppliers and Customers

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This is a very interesting idea evolving into Reconciliations for any type of account such as suppliers etc. Look forward to seeing how that will end up