Bank reconcialition in secondary currency

I’m trying to reconcile a bank account that is not in the base currency. All amountshowever are displayed in my base currency in the reconciliation screen. Is this normal?

Is the bank account set up in the secondary currency? In the Bank Accounts tab, click the Edit button for the account involved to check.

Yes, it is. Actually the amounts I see are the correct amounts in the secondary currency, but the display is incorrect. (Account currency USD, base currency EUR; we see EUR in the reconciliation screen when it should display USD).

When you say the amounts in the secondary currency are correct but the display is incorrect, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean the numbers are correct in USD but they are labeled as EUR? Or do you mean the numbers and labels are EUR, converted from USD according to the exchange rate?

They are correct in USD, but “EUR” is displayed next to the amounts.

Well, it certainly seems to me that a bank account’s display should be labeled in the currency in which it is denominated. This issue is one for @lubos.

This was a bug. Fixed in the latest version (16.2.83)

Thanks for the quick fix!