Bank processed cheque appears as unpresented in Report

One cheque written on 27/6/16 and processed by the bank on 16/8/16 still appears as unpresented in every bank reconciliation. The data for our not-for-profit social club are entered into Manager by importing the bank statement and then checking against cheques written and my hand-written notes about other actions taken such as direct debits. I’ve checked all transactions in Manager for the sum involved ($60) and double-checked the date presented in the paper bank statements, and can’t find any mistake. Could you pls advise me, Brucanna? (I love this program, by the way!) Thanks in advance, Frances

Without actually seeing the data its hard to guess but if you are “only” taking up the cash account data via the importing of the bank statement then it should always reconcile as there is no manually entered data to cause conflict with the bank statement.

But just a thought, is your financial year end June 30, if yes, was the cheque of 27/6/16 taken up for year end purposes and then taken up again via the bank statement in August. If yes, delete the August entry. So lets check that out first.

You are right, Brucanna. Although we work on a chronological year end, the unpresented cheque for $60 is seen in the 30/6/16 reports. I assume I must have (correctly, I think) put it in as a money received but not presented but that isn’t visible in the cash accounts. It looks to me - a complete novice - as though, if I remove the August entry as you suggest, all reference to the cheque will disappear??? In other words, there is no other mention in the cash accounts of the cheque, which is why I couldn’t figure out how it was duplicated… Thanks yet again for your help. F

If you are using Cash Basis reporting, then it helps to change the Summary tab - Set Period to Accrual Basis then all transactions can be seen which may help resolution and then switch back.

Thanks again, Brucanna. I found it was already on Accruals basis so that didn’t help BUT when I went to the P&L statement and clicked on the payments out for that particular outing, I could see the duplicate entry and delete it. Somehow, I must have overlooked it in the Cash Accounts, although I checked multiple times and also did a search for the name of the people to whom the $60 belonged. This showed up their deposit and payments for several other outings, but no duplicate refund of $60. Puzzling! Anyway, everything balances now, and your help has been invaluable.