Bank/cash transactions with date in red color

Just updated to the 15.0.90 version and suddenly some transactions are randomly duplicated in my bank account and cash account. I look at the accounts receivable and payable things look fine and dandy, no duplicates. Should I delete the bank/cash account duplicates that appear with red dates?

Those transactions with a date in red color have been always in the database, it’s just that newer version make them finally visible so you can delete them if they are not supposed to be there in the first place.

Thank you

Why would you delete a transaction?

I don’t understand your answer, @lubos, when you refer to deleting transactions that are not supposed to be there in the first place. Also working in v15.0.90, the red transactions I see in bank or cash accounts are the credits (outflows). So why would you delete them?

@Tut, he is referring to bank transactions where Date is marked red.

Previously, when you clicked on bank account, you saw list of transactions posted to it. This list of transactions was sourced from general ledger. The problem with this approach was that some transactions could be entered which would be ignored by general ledger.

For example, having opening balance date set to 01/01/2014 and creating a bank payment dated before opening balance date. General ledger would ignore this transaction thus it would never show under bank account. This was breaking one of my principles when designing Manager and that is, when you create a record, it will be always visible in the list of records. Since bank accounts didn’t actually show list of records, it showed list of transactions under general ledger, entering bank transaction with invalid date would make it invisible since it didn’t make it into general ledger.

Another problem was when people were changing opening balance date. Setting opening balance date to some later date could make dates on many bank transactions invalid thus they would be immediately hidden. Imagine the shock user gets when they find out half of their bank transactions are missing as if Manager lost them. Not good.

So I solved these problems by being consistent under Bank accounts tab. The list of transactions is not sourced from general ledger anymore, it is simply list of all entered transactions regardless whether they made it into general ledger or not. Transactions which didn’t make it to general ledger because of the date, will have the Date marked in red color (rather than being invisible). In most cases it is safe to just delete them because they were created long time ago probably by error.

The key is that Manager no longer hides invalid bank transactions from users. It will give visual clue something is wrong with that transaction rather than hiding it forever.

Now I see, @lubos. Thank you. And my apology for not readying carefully enough to notice @tmtreasurer was referring to dates.

I’m still trying to imagine a case where you would want to delete a record, though. Would not that result in the bank account balance being wrong? My thinking is that transactions prior to opening balance date still affect opening balance. I must be missing something.

Transactions prior to opening balance date do not affect opening balance figures. They are simply ignored as per general ledger. Therefore if you have any bank transactions entered before opening balance date, deleting it will have no effect on general ledger figures.

For me these transactions (entered before opening balance) were entered for the sole purpose of tracking uncleared transactions at the time of conversion. The transactions were on last years financial statement, but uncleared at the bank. I took this into account when setting my opening balance.