Bank account balances on balance sheet report

I’m wondering if there is a way of seeing individual bank/cash account balance at a given time. The summary page lists them individually but a Balance Report (which i can select the dates I want in) groups them up into cash at bank. Is there a way to see these balances individually in a report or change the summary page “as at” date?

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I’m currently working on Classified Balance Sheet module. When done, Cash at bank control account will be history and all bank accounts/cash accounts will automatically show on balance sheet individually.

If someone still likes to group bank accounts under common header such as Cash at bank, it will be possible to group them through Classified balance sheet module.

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That sounds great! looking forward to it.

Is there currently a way to see individual bank balances at self selected date or end month basis?

The latest version has running total column when clicking on bank account balance on Summary page on under Bank Accounts tab.

Thank you!! Exactly what I was looking for.