Bank account balance does not match summary

I have noticed that my bank account summary does not match the balance on the actual bank account. I have figured out that on the bank account it has missed including an invoice that was paid in full. I’m not sure how to fix this.

This sounds simple. One of only a few things happened, depending on whether Manager or your bank statement is correct (you did not say which):

  1. You neglected to enter the receipt of payment, using Receive Money function in the bank account.

  2. You did not allocate the receipt correctly, either forgetting to select the invoice in Accounts receivable or not entering any account at all.

  3. You allocated the receipt to a different account. Any payment against a sales invoice must be allocated to that invoice.

  4. The deposit has not yet cleared the bank. If your deposit is not posted instantly to your bank account, you should have received it under Uncleared deposits.

It is simple to look at your bank account register to see if you recorded the transaction. Look in Suspense to see if anything is there. That is where Manager would put the transaction if you forgot to allocate it.

I feel so silly, I had the wrong date when I received the payment. Thank you.