"Balanced" or "Checked" Column on Transaction Page

Does anyone know how I can add an extra column to the account transaction page that I can either use to type a text note or add a check mark ?

What I’m trying to do is highlight transaction that was my last entry that balanced with my bank statement.

To get around it at the moment, what I’m doing is adding the word {BALANCED} to the “Reference” field and it does appear on the page but I would prefer a specific field on the transaction form that would appear as a column on the Transaction Page.



What Transaction page are you talking about? When you make a screenshot of a page you should include the breadcrumbs and also use Manager’s terminology, else it’s a guessing game.

Depending on what page you are talking about, there’s the option to use a custom field.

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Hi Mark,
I’m really sorry for the delay in replying.
The “Transaction Pages” are the screens that open when either the + Receipts or - Payments are selected.

Create a custom field for receipt and payment.

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Thanks mate…I just can’t quite understand the steps that I would need to take.

See Use custom fields | Manager

@scannerangelaust, I don’t think that will matter to you. If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to check off transactions or enter notes while viewing the tab lists. There is no way to do that. Yes, you could create a custom field for each tab, as @eko suggested. But that custom field could only be modified by opening each individual transaction’s Edit screen and modifying the custom field content there.

If you still want to do that, read the Guide: Use custom fields | Manager. Set up the custom fields to show as columns.