Search or filter by custom fields

I’ve created a custom field so I can flag bank transactions for specific purposes.

  • Is it possible to search for custom field values within a bank account (I understand the ability to Edit Columns is coming to all tabular screens so maybe it’s just not available here yet)?
  • Is it possible to include custom fields in a custom report (e.g. within a where clause)?

Go to settings and create a custom field, see for example screenshot below;

Then enable it in Edit Columns under the bank accounts tab.

Thanks @eko

I’ve successfully created the custom field (I can see and interact with it on the payment and receipt screens). I can also add it to the Bank Accounts screen but I want it on the list of transactions for each bank account. I’ve updated to the latest version today but this screen still doesn’t have an Edit Columns button.


You seem to be looking at a drill-down on a balance of an account in the Cash and Bank Accounts tab. Your fields are line item fields, not transaction fields. So they are not associated with what you are viewing and you should not expect to see them. This will not change, so you are waiting in vain.

With or without Edit Columns, custom fields that would show in this tab would be those associated with cash or bank accounts themselves, not either line or transaction fields associated with payments or receipts.

Thanks for confirming, I thought that might be the case.

Is there any way to select or filter custom fields in a custom report? I can’t see my custom field listed by name or as part of any sort of accessor in this context.