Missing Column

I have a missing column on the most recent page of my SUMMARY - CASH AT BANK - BANK ACCOUNT page. The previous page has the CONTACT column but the current one does not. My other bank accounts have this column. How do I put it back please?


Your post is not clear, including what page you are looking at. Show a screen shot.

Some columns will be hidden if there is no information in that column for any of the records on that page. If a transaction on that page had data in the Contact column, it would be displayed.

From my observations with my Customers tab, this seems to apply only to built-in fields. For example, the Email address column disappears when none of my customers on the page have an email address associated with them. But for custom fields, whether they display or not is controlled by a check box in the settings for the field.

@GrahamvdR’s explanation is correct. What I wonder is why you are not using the Inter Account Transfers tab. Every transaction in your two screen shots is a transfer between bank accounts. See Transfer money between bank and cash accounts | Manager.

@Tut, I expect @Linda12488 is not using Inter Account Transfers because all bank account transactions are imported.

Thank you for that information Graham, that answered my question.