Balance Sheet first level renaming

Dear @lubos,

Is it possible, as everywhere in the software, to have the possibility to give custom names to “assets”, “liabilities” and “equity”. I use alphanumeric codes (I put them as prefix in the name) and I would like to put the code also in this accounts.

Regards and happy 2019!

Not sure what you mean by this. Do you need ability to set code on top-level balance sheet groups so the code can be shown on balance sheet report?

I’m reluctant to allow users to outright rename Assets or Liabilities groups into something else. I mean what they would rename it to? Those terms are standard.

Since I put alphanumeric coding it the name it would became:
A. Assets
B. Liabilities
C. Net Asset Value

Also, since I use English interface but Italian reporting it would be useful to have this possibility.

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Hi @lubos. Thank you very much for this great Manager software.
Indeed, “Assets” and “Liabilities” are standard terms as well as “Equity.” However, for non-profit operations and reporting, “Equity” is called “Fund Balance” and so please allow us to edit/rename at least “Equity” like the way we can edit “retained earnings” and “accounts receivables.”
Thanks again.

Ability to rename Equity group added to the latest version (19.9.24)

Can you add the possibility also to Assets and Liabilities so that we can add account codes before them?


Rather than allowing renaming of foundations of accounting, why not just allow codes?

Because they are alphanumeric

I think that it was going to be better if the groups in the balance sheet can be edited as those in the Profit and Loss Statement.

Then when creating groups one would the select which if it falls Asset, Liability or Equity. This provides more flexibility when designing chart of accounts

You can already do that:


I agree to allow account codes to be added such as 1000 Assets. Unfortunately, this does not yet seem to be implemented. Please can this be put into ideas? Thanks!