Balance for each line item to be stated in special report

Is it possible to configure a special report so that it has columns for debit, credit and balance for each line?

That is, a balance stated after each debit or credit, and not only at the end of the report. A running balance in the far right-hand corner, it might be described as, I guess.

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No. Custom reports include details of individual transactions, not account balances. (Balances are processed results of a defined set of transactions.) You can obtain totals by grouping with appropriate report design. But those will not be account balances.

But there might be other ways to get the information you seek. Many of Manager’s displays include running balances; and those can be copied to spreadsheets. What exactly are you looking for?

I’ve configured a report as attached. (It is a totally fictitious business and fictitious names therein!) In far right hand column, I would hope to show a balance for each line. So if in the attached next line were a debit of $400, bal shown in far right column would be 300 CR.

But I think perhaps this cannot be done.

Thanks as always for your kind assistance, Tut.

@Kevin_Johnson this has been requested before and is in ideas category.

However, I think you are trying to make custom report for something I believe should be in fact generic report. Is this something you require for special account or capital account?

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Many tks, Iubos, for letting me know that this is in the pending ideas category.

I’m generating ‘custom’ reports for ‘special accounts’, and I’m using those terms specifically, and I hope correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

The special accounts are law firm clients’ individual trust money ledger accounts.

Ability to print statements for special accounts has been also requested and is in ideas.

I believe this is exactly what you require rather than custom report.

Thank you so much, Iubus. Will study that past thread (and the published guidance). I do think as to that which I’ve done so far, an easily understood report can be produced, especially if you give a good heading to the far right hand column, such as “Amts & final bal held in trust for you (Cr) ($)”, as below: