Special Account - custom report

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How i can create custom report for special accounts (debtor, creditor).

What do you mean by “custom report for special accounts (debtor, creditor).”?

The from “Special Accounts” will only have information about the name, currency and tax code associated with the Special Accounts

Can I show the amounts in report?

No. You can only include amounts when selecting from general ledger transactions.

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how to add opening balance from previous year to bank in the custom report?

I do not understand your question. You do not add balances to custom reports, from the previous year or any year. You need to explain what you are trying to do more completely.

I want a custom report for ( bank statement ) in 2020 , but must be calculated The remaining balance of 2019 to be the actual balance of the current in the bank’s true … But now when I try Processing a custom report for ( bank statement ) in 2020 the actual balance appears in the bank is incorrect because not counting Opening balance from 2019 in custom report .

For example, I have at the bank in 2020 $ 100,000 and I have remaining balance from 2019 $ 50,000. So it should When I prepare a custom report for ( bank statement ) in 2020 , $ 50,000 should be calculated as an opening balance.

Could you please post an image of your custom report edit screen so we can understand what you are actually doing

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@aymnak, you are on the wrong path. A custom report will never produce a balance. It will only produce a list of transactions. You should look at a General Ledger Transactions report for Cash at bank.

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