Report on Special Accounts

I have Special Accounts that I use for rentals. So each property gets a special account whereby I can monitor all the rent money that comes in and all the money paid out.

Now I need a report on each special account for a specific period. The reason for this is that I should show to the accountants how much money was in my Trust Account on year end and to which client/property transaction that money is allocated to at year end on a specific date. So if I add op the balance of every special account printout that ends on my specific report date then it should be equal to the amount in my Trust Account.

I hope this makes sense, if not I will try and clarify it even more.

Have you tried drilling down on each special account by clicking on its blue balance? That will show you a list of transactions making up that balance. This could be exported and manipulated in a spreadsheet as necessary. If that’s not what you need, can you be more specific?

Also, you referred to a Trust Account. Is that an actual, separate bank account? Drilling down on its balance should give you a corresponding list to match against the special accounts.

Yes I have done this and it shows me what I need, except that I want it to somehow stop at a specific date for year end. I guess I could do it manually by exporting to spreadsheet and modifying but this will be time consuming. If I look at the Report of Customer Statements, this is exactly what would work if it could just be done on Special Accounts as well. As I like the idea that it shows all the customer statements when I choose “Statement Type: Transactions” and then I can view and print each individual one that is required.

Yes lets say my Trust Account ends with a balance on the 28th of Feb 2017 and I take all the special accounts balances on the 28th of Feb 2017 and count them together then they must match the Trust Account balance. This is also a way of confirming that all the money is accounted for and I can see to which Special Account/transactions that balance belongs to.

For now, there isn’t a report that does exactly what you want. Maybe when custom reports are better documented there will be a way.

Meanwhile, you might experiment with searching drill-down listings on dates. Depending on your date preferences, you might be able to search for “2016” or “8/2016”, as examples. I haven’t experimented with special accounts, but if they are like others, you will lose the Balance column when you do that. So the spreadsheet approach may be the best you can do for now.

There is no specific report as to a set date but you have a couple of options.

a) If you are using Windows OS, then click on the Special Accounts tab, then right click on the screen and select Print. If there is more then one screen full, no problem as the report will pick up all accounts. You can test by selecting Print Preview.

b) if you aren’t using windows, then take screenshots of each screen full as below

The limitation is - to get a specific date you need to manage the data input, by this, if the report is for Nov 30, then any transactions dated Dec 1 on need to be not processed until the report/screenshots are taken to match the trust account balance.- better then exporting to spreadsheets.

Thank you, option a) will work, but then I will just have to make a printout exactly when I have finished with the financial year before starting with the next financial year as you stated. I will also make printouts of each special account before starting with the new financial year. This will then at least provide the information as required by the accountants with no extra information beyond the financial year end date. Thank you for this advice.