Custom report: balance of account


Can the custom report have BALANCE column after debit & credit?

I’m making GL, grouped by GL Account name. However, when I choose “account amount” it did not balancing the debit & credit entry. Is it possible to have calculated balance?

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That is not possible. Custom reports display individual transactions to the general ledger. The current balance of an account is not a variable stored in those transactions.

Why not use the built-in General Ledger Transactions report? It contains all the information you seem to want.

This is the built-in GL. I can’t generate GL by ascending GL account code, insert customer,supplier & payer name. so i learned that custom report suit the report i need except this one.

The General Ledger Transactions report organizes accounts as follows:

  • Profit and Loss Statement accounts first, then Balance Sheet accounts
  • Within the above order, accounts are in the order they appear on your Summary page. If you place them in ascending order in the chart of accounts, they will be in ascending order in the report.

Data included for each transaction is, in order:

  • Date
  • Transaction type
  • Reference
  • Contact (this will be customer, supplier, payer, or payee, depending on the transaction type)
  • Description
  • Debit
  • Credit
  • Balance

So the only differences between the built-in report and your custom report are that (1) customers, suppliers, and payers are not separate columns, but all appear in the position of the contact; (2) payees are also included, which it seems you would want; and (3) P&L accounts are all listed before Balance Sheet accounts.

A custom report that cannot give you a running balance seems like a lot of work for less information.

Yes indeed all information are in there. it would be perfect if it can be in column. neat & tidy.

Hope @lubos can do the column thing in future.
As for now, i just use the custom report i made without the balance column and send it to my auditor tomorrow.

Thanks for the respond @Tut