Advance Payments to Suppliers and from Customers

Dear Admin,
We have lots of our suppliers and customers to/from payments are made in advance.
In Customers Section and Suppliers Section, when we receive or pay in advance then it credits credits the customers and debits the supplier account. My suggestion is if, it would be shown like employee clearing account with two columns, Paid in Advance + Payable and Received in Advance + Receivable. In this way, manager will show the advance totals in one column and payable or receivable column in other. Right now, when we want to know how much advances we get or paid we need to calculate separately. Receivables and payables are available in report section but advances are not. Kindly answer.

Employee clearing account is not shown this way. When you drill down on that account, you see a positive or negative balance:

52 AM

Drilling down further on the balance, you see a breakdown in debits and credits:

10 AM

The presentation you are referring to is the Employees tab listing:

35 AM

When it comes to customers and suppliers, similar information is available in the Customers and Suppliers tabs by drilling down on the Accounts receivable or Accounts payable columns. For example, a customer:


All that is available by default. If you want increased visibility into deposits, see this Guide: Manager Cloud.