Backup in Windows 10

Save command says the disc is write protected but I can write to the same disc from other apps. I reformatted the disc but still can’t save. The disc works fine on another computer.

Guessing here:

Does your business name contain any characters that are not permitted in DOS filenames (e.g. \ / : * ? " < > |)? Or is your business name unusually long?

Manager now automatically names the backup file by adding the date to your business name and then adding the .manager extension. If your business is called something like “T.P. Nicholls: Accountants,” then the backup file would be named T.P. Nicholls: Accountants (05 Aug 2016).manager, which would be an illegal filename because of the colon. I believe that would give the error you mentioned. Same thing if the length of the resulting filename would be more than 255 characters.

Try giving your backup file a different name (like backup 05 Aug.manager) and see if it saves to your disk. If so, then you’ve found the problem.

Another possibility is that there’s already a file in the same directory with the same name, and that existing file is write-protected. If you find such a file, delete it (you’ll need to unprotect it first), and then try again.

That’s all I can think up off the top of my head.

The names are OK. It seems to think that I am trying to save a file from
the internet.

I Solved this by reinstalling Manager. However I have lost the value of
my 4 Asset items although the depreciation values are still there. Also
where have Purchase Items and Sales Items gone from Settings.

Purchase Invoice Items and Sales Invoice Items have been combined into Non-inventory Items under Settings.

I suspect that if you lost only some information about fixed assets, they were entered incorrectly originally. Can you post a screen shot of the Edit screen for one of the assets where you had a problem. And at the same time, describe what you did to enter the original value.

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