Automatically allocate overpayment

Hello, we made a mistake and paid to our supplier more then we should do. So, now f.e. we paid 500 instead of 75. Problem now solved but issue is that the “overpayment” is automatically assigned to other open payments. This i dont like, i want to make the decision on my own where to allocate this overpayment and also want to see clear there was an overpayment

any idea how to solve this issue
thanks, Dietmar

You say Manager automatically assigned the excess to other “open payments.” I assume you meant other unpaid sales invoices, because that is what Manager will do. Look at it this way: you owe the supplier money and you pay. The supplier is perfectly within rights to apply the excess to open invoices, because you have the obligation to pay them and the money now belongs to the supplier. The excess will go to the oldest unpaid invoices first.

If there are contractual reasons the supplier should not or cannot apply the payments to unpaid sales invoices, you must make that clear at the time of payment.

As for procedures within Manager, if you don’t want an overpayment automatically applied against unpaid invoices, you need to add another line to the payment, allocating a portion of the payment to some other account, perhaps something like prepaid deposits. But this action is only on your side. What the supplier does with it is up to the supplier unless, as mentioned above, there are contractual agreements to the contrary. If you’ve honestly made a mistake, and the supplier is willing, you may be able to arrange a refund or get them to agree to do something else with the overpayment. But if they are like most suppliers, they are going to simply take advantage of your generosity.

You will probably need to follow how the Supplier allocates the overpayment so both theirs and your accounts are aligned. If however, the Supplier has allocated differently to Managers automatic allocation then you have some choices.

Either change that invoice’s payment allocation as described by @tut and then reallocate via Journal to match the Supplier or if there isn’t any disputes on any of the invoices concerned and you still have (or will have) monies owing to the Supplier, just make another payment equal to the outstanding balance and the accounts will automatically re-align.

Why, in months from now what difference will it make. You may have overpaid on one invoice, but you have also made advanced payments on other invoices. A true overpayment is when the Supplier needs to refund you as they are holding surplus money.

Dear all, thanks for feedback. Forget the supplier, this is not an issue at all.

What i want is just to allocate the overpayment like i want and not like the system is doing this automatically, thats it


OK, in that case have you got it sorted out on how to do that - doing your own allocations ?


I made payment to my supplier 425,000 however bill was of 386,597 for 19th invoice. I adjusted this overpaid invoice by creating actual payment of 386,597 to 19th invoice and remaining 38,402, I adjusted to 26th invoice by adding another line and giving invoice reference 26th (invoice i already created)

overpayment will automatically transfer to desired invoice and remaining will be paid