Automatic Reference No, generation

How do you turn off the auto generated reference no.?
I am sure that this did not happen until the latest update.

You cannot turn it off. Automatic references were added for journal entries, expense claims and inter-account transfers on September 21. For cash transactions, the feature was added last August 30. This was announced in the release notes: The change came after many, many request over years.

If you don’t like the numbers generated, you can edit the transaction after it is created to put in something else. But if you delete the entry, Manager will restore an automatic number.

For consistency reasons, every transaction within Manager will have reference number.

Transactions which are originated by the business (cash transactions, sales quotes, sales invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, payslips etc.) will have automatically generated reference number.

Transactions which are originated by external party (bank transactions, purchase invoices, debit notes, sales orders etc.) will not have automatically generated reference number as it’s expected this to be entered manually as per generated reference from external party.


also, the external part should generate automatic reference no. 90% of other accounting software has system reference no. for every voucher no matter if it is external or internal. at the end any external party will follow the system generated reference no and the sample voucher will be selected based on the system generated Ref. like Ex auditor, Tax Authority.

I know that since the system has the ability to delete a voucher. there might be no need for the automatic Ref but for control purposes, it is better for the company to follow their own Ref.

it will be very much appreciated if you also, implement automatic reference no. generation by the external party.

Is it possible to print a list of the transactions linked to the automatic reference numbers?

no. what exactly is your use of such a list?
you can sort the columns by clicking the tab headings.

After sorting, the lists can also be exported. See this Guide: When copying, you can copy only a desired group of entries.