Automatic Reference Number

What is the automatic numbering based on?

I used to have it in serial number order before… but now it seems random.

Read the Guide: Use reference numbers | Manager. Sometime before you entered the transaction on 9-Feb 20, you entered or edited a transaction with the reference number 74725572518880. So when you entered the transaction for 9-Feb, Manager found that reference number and added 1. It is also possible you have other older transactions with high reference numbers that are not shown in your screen shot.

It looks like you have entered the last few transactions out of chronological order. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the automatic sequencing does not consider the date of past transactions. It just finds the highest number.

Click the # symbol to sort the list by reference number (click again to reverse order, if necessary). Edit the transactions with erroneous numbers. If it turns out there are lots of them, use Batch Update to change them all. You may want to use features of a spreadsheet program to fill the sequence in order before pasting back in for the update.

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