Autofill Purchases & Sales Unit price to Payment and Receipt forms

Only purchase and sales invoices can automatically fill in unit prices for inventory and non-inventory items. It will be beneficial to many users if it is extended to the Payment and Receipt forms.

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Iā€™m still using and it autofills in both Payments and Receipts for me.

This is related to the column edit feature. You will notice that for receipts and payments, you now have an Amount field instead of Unit price by default. You have to check two fields to get unit price to show:

Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 6.02.04 PM

Only then is the defined sales or purchase price entered on the form. I think this is very confusing interface design.

Regardless of whether you like the multi-step approach that replaced the long-standing automatic appearance of Unit price, this should not be an idea, but a bug. I have recategorized it. I also edited the title.

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