Auto reference numbers in Form Defaults not being assigned

Hi Mr Lubos, after updating the server version 21.4.64, the automatic refrence of the sales quote for the sales invoice does not show

same in convert sales invoice to Delivery Note

How about in latest version 21.4.75?

same problem in version 21.4.75

I can duplicate this. It looks like a universal problem. No Form Defaults setting for any transaction form where automatic reference numbers are set is correctly assigning reference numbers. All copied forms are created without the checkbox being checked.

I have edited the subject to reflect the scope of the problem and put this topic into bugs.

Fixed in the latest version (21.4.79)

thank you very much mr.Lubos

Thanks you mr Lubos

Is this also related to invoice numbers restarting back at the beginning? I started my invoices at 2000 and a new invoice has gone back to 2000 even though it already exists

@bartona, it is impossible to know what happened in your records without seeing your entire list of invoices and reference numbers. However, once the automatic sequencing functions, it functions exactly the same way it always has. The problem reported and fixed in this topic was that the automatic checkbox was not being checked.