Problem with automatic numbering of Recurring Sales Inv. & Journal Entry

I am a “Server Version Manager” user just updated to the latest version. But there was a problem when I made a routine sales invoice, where the reference number was not filled automatically, so I had to fill in manually, and it took a long time.

The automatic reference setting is checked, but it doesn’t work.

Thank you for your attention.

What version number? “Latest version” does not tell us anything, as there can be several updates in a day.

Are you referring to selecting automatic reference sequencing on a specific invoice entry screen, or via Form Defaults? Have you followed the Guide: Use reference numbers | Manager?

The version I am using is 25.5.32

So, when I create recurring sales invoices, the reference numbers don’t work.

Before this update there was no problem. All sales invoices that I make automatically appear reference numbers.

once published, the reference number does not appear

I can confirm that the automatic reference does not work on Recurring Sales Invoices nor Recurring Journal Entries in the Windows 64-bit Desktop version 21.5.32

It works for Recurring Payslips and is not an option for Recurring Purchase Invoices

This is a bug

The problem is not that,

The problem is that I have checked the automatic reference, but after the recurring sales invoice is issued, the reference number does not appear.

if it’s only 1 or 2 invoices, maybe it can be edited, but if it’s hundreds of invoices, it will take a lot of time just filling in the reference number.

You are correct, this is a bug

yeah, I thought so too

because before this update was not a problem

Fixed in the latest version (21.5.33)

thankyou, terimakasih