Audit Trail - Time Stamp is missing

After update to 18.10.35 version on personal cloud, the audit trail is not showing the time of entries, however it showing name of user, company, date and transaction time correctly.

Any clue to get time stamp along with date?

Please clarify. You wrote both “… is not showing the time of entries…” and “…it showing… transaction time….” [Emphasis added.]

Dates are visible, not time.

correct one

missing time

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What are you saying, @San_Thida_Myo_Latt? How were the two versions produced? Is the only difference the language setting? Obviously, the two screen shots are not of the same list of events, as dates are different.

Hi @yameen101. Currently the Cloud Version is on 18.10.36 and it is possible to see the date and time of transactions. Try updating to the latest version.

@yameen101, I’m not sure why @INTERC recommended updating. If you are using the cloud edition, you are always up to date. If by “personal cloud” you actually meant the server edition, you are only one minor revision out of date. Whatever that revision was, it was not announced, so is unlikely to be related to your issue. But, you could still update and try it.

Yes I have 18.10.35 but it’s not showing time.

I suggested you to update to 18.10.36. Maybe it can work but not sure at all.

Yes, I meant Server Edition. I was just trying to help a bit, so chill. You are the professional here. I’ll let you do the work.

My comment was not directed towards you, @INTERC. I just wanted to point out to @yameen101 that if the cloud edition was being used, it was already up to date. You may have noticed the language in the original post was vague.

And I think you may misunderstand my role. I’m not the “professional.” I’m a forum moderator, a user like you, not the developer. I’ve never seen Manager’s code and don’t know what changed from v18.10.35 to v18.10.36.

I have my own vps at linode and installed it through script available in their library. The version is up to date. In previous versions the time was there.


You should only ever download directly from the official website. 3rd party sites are notorious for obsolete and corrupted versions of Manager.

I can confirm the time stamp in audit trail is missing too. Linux Server Version 18.10.27

@compuit, @yameen101, the question is whether it is missing in version 18.10.45 (or possibly later, by the time you read this).

Time stamp still missing in 18.10.64

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The time stamp is not available in the latest version

Should be visible again in the latest version (18.10.65)

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Excellent Thank you OK in Version (18.10.81) too.

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Yes, it’s working now.