Audit Trail Statement

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I have multiple companies and each companies’ workload are different than any other. Basically, my company is doing an accounting services and pricing depends on workload. I was checking the audit trail per company and gives me a sense for pricing. I have never backed up for Audit trail but i have just realized that old history disappeared. I really need the old data from the beginning. If it’s possible can you provide me ?

On the other hand, I have some employees who works with me. Can we implement a time counter for the people who are in the system ? That would be perfect If any kind of work & steps could be trackable from Audit Trial

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This seems like a questionable method for determining pricing. A user could log in at the beginning of the day, never log out, but be distracted by unrelated duties the entire day. How do tell the difference between a distracted employee and a difficult task that takes a long time? The audit trail was never meant to be a time-keeping system.

That’s why there is efficiency. System are already giving the users creation and steps. That would be so easy to check the time and user’s steps on manager:

Btw, Do you know the possibility to have the whole audit trail statement from the beginning for once ?

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I have no knowledge about whether a complete audit trail statement could be obtained, but I doubt it.