Where is Audit Trail?

Has Audit Trail been removed?
I don’t mean history business-wise, I mean the previous Audit Trail.

I would rather have both types.

The former audit trail no longer exists. It was replaced by History.

How did you use the old audit trail? What information from it was useful to know?

Well, since I have multiple businesses, I intend to check the old Audit Trail to have a general look of what each user of all businesses are doing. If I need to have details for transactionS of a particular business, then I can go to History of that business.

OK, I think better fit would be some activity log where you could see what URLs are being clicked on by individual users. You are not really interested in audit trail. You just want to see activity of users. (e.g. viewing invoice #123) etc. Am I correct?


This feature would still be useful for me, and potentially other users. It it something we could get in the future?